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Delivery Checklist

What Documents Will I Receive When My Vehicle is Delivered?

Congratulations on your vehicle purchase or lease! We’re confident that your experience with one of the many dealerships in the Gettel Automotive Group was a positive one — we’d like to make your vehicle delivery experience a good one, too. Below is the list of documents that we’ll provide on the day of your scheduled delivery. Included will be everything from the purchase or lease contract to any re-written agreements. Some won’t apply to you — for example, if you purchased a new vehicle, you won’t require the Pre-Owned Buyer’s Guide, so we won’t include it in your packet. Review our list to become acquainted with the necessary documents you’ll receive on delivery day, and look forward to your new or used vehicle!

Documents to Expect with Vehicle Delivery

Lender Purchase/Lease Contract

For those who financed or leased the vehicle with an outside lender, we’ll provide a copy of the document you signed with the third party lender.

Gettel Purchase/Lease Buyer’s Order

If you signed a purchase or lease agreement with a dealership in the Gettel Automotive Group, this document will be provided as well.

Copies of Products Purchased

These documents will provide the information on the coverage and terms of the optional products purchased, like the Gettel Premier.

Pre-Owned Buyer’s Guide

For those who purchased a pre-owned model, the Buyer’s Guide explains the terms and conditions of the sale, including any warranties that were included with your vehicle.

Manufacturer-Specific CPO Documents

For those who purchased a Certified Pre-Owned model, these documents explain the certified benefits, such as warranties, terms and more.

We-Owe Agreement

This document explains any additional items we owe you and any items you may owe us.

Odometer Statements

We’ll include copies of the federal odometer statements for the vehicle purchased and, if applicable, any trade-ins.

Product Cancellation Papers

For those who traded in their vehicle and canceled the purchase of optional products, these documents are the copies of those papers signed in the dealership.

Extended Service Contract

A document detailing the terms and conditions of the optional service contract coverage you purchased.

3-Day Exchange Agreement

This document will cover the option to exchange your vehicle for another with one of our dealerships within three days of your scheduled delivery date. Exchange granted under certain circumstances.

VIN-Specific Insurance Agreement

This document is a copy of your agreement you signed in-office to provide the required Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) specific insurance coverage on your new vehicle.

Updated DMV Registration

As part of our delivery service, we provide updated DMV registration for your new vehicle whenever possible.

Notice of Re-written Agreement

If your transaction was re-written, you will receive copies of this agreement.

Our goal is to provide our customers a smooth, hassle-free delivery experience. We hope the documents above will be useful to you in your ownership journey. If a document is missing or inaccurate, please reach out to us immediately for a corrected form. If you’re still deciding which model you’d like to make yours, visit any of our convenient locations throughout Florida— we’d be happy to help you secure your vehicle upgrade.